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Getting into an accident with a big rig truck can leave you with a substantial financial burden. If you’re dealing with severe injuries on top of the expenses tied to your accident, you may find yourself uncertain of how to proceed. 

The good news is that handling matters at the scene of the accident is often easier than you might think. First responders can help you get the medical attention you need in the wake of your accident. From there, a truck accident attorney can guide you through the process of taking action through the available legal avenues.

Contact an Attorney After Your Truck Accident

Immediately contacting an attorney after a truck accident can help you address a number of your post-accident concerns. Our team can help police officers and other parties on the scene better understand what forces led to your accident. In turn, we can prevent a liable party from absconding with evidence or misrepresenting the facts of your accident.

Moreover, a quick connection with a truck accident attorney allows you to make the most of the statute of limitations otherwise applied to your case. According to California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1, you have two years from the day your accident occurs to take action in civil court. The faster we can gather evidence of negligence, the less concerning that deadline needs to be.

Exchange Contact Information With Important Parties

If you don’t have immediate, dangerous injuries to contend with, there is other work that you can do at the scene of a truck accident. You need to exchange important insurance information with any parties allegedly liable for your losses. You can also take the opportunity to determine whether the truck driver involved in your case operates independently or as a full-time employee.

Should you need immediate medical attention, the attorney you bring onto your case can take over these responsibilities for you. When you have insurance and employee information on hand before tempers start to flair, you can more effectively begin to build a case against offending parties.

Schedule Essential Medical Care

After you’ve benefited from immediate medical treatment, you can work with healthcare providers to schedule any additional treatments you may need to fully recover from your losses. As you do so, you can work with an attorney to keep track of the expenses you have directly related to accident-based losses.

Should you choose to pursue a civil lawsuit against the party allegedly liable for your losses, you can demand that they help you contend with the bills tied to your essential post-accident care.

Gather Evidence of Liability for the Truck Accident

As you begin to recover, you can return to the scene of an accident to gather evidence of liability for your losses. If you’re not able to return to the scene, our attorneys can instead step in and make sure that all of the data relevant to your case makes it into the appropriate hands.

The sooner you’re able to make it back to the scene of the accident, the easier it may be to assign liability for your losses. With the information gathered on the day your accident occurred, our attorneys can contact the appropriate witnesses, compile related physical data, and compose the story of your accident for future use.

Keep the Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents in Mind

It can be difficult to set the pace of your life after a truck accident. On one hand, you need to take time to recover from the stress and physical strain of your losses. On the other, you have a statute of limitations by which you must abide.

This is the benefit of working with an attorney, though. Our team gives you all the space you need to address the emotional and physical complexities of your loss. All the while, we can make sure that the data we gather suits your case.

We Can Help You Build a Case After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are draining on more than one level. The financial and physical consequences of your truck accident tend to play off of one another, making your recovery all the more difficult. Fortunately, an attorney can step in and make sure you have all the tools you need to do the most possible work in the days following your accident.

When it comes time for you to pursue compensation for your truck accident, you can call on our team at Kash Legal. Contact us by calling (888) 527-4128 or reaching out to us through our contact form.

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