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Los Angeles Uber Accident Attorney

Once Uber started the rideshare phenomenon, it transformed the way we get around – and it’s never been more convenient to get from Place A to Place B. While all that convenience is great, there is also a downside. All those Uber drivers on our roads are increasing the risk of traffic accidents, and Uber accident claims tend to be as complicated as Uber accidents are dangerous. If an Uber driver leaves you injured, seek the professional legal counsel you need from an experienced Los Angeles Uber accident attorney today.

Uber and Risk Factors

Uber and Risk Factors

Nothing is easier than conjuring an Uber ride on your Uber app, but there are risk factors involved with all that convenience, including:

Uber drivers are not professional drivers, which means that they aren’t governed by the same safety rules, regulations, and restrictions that commercial drivers are. In fact, they aren’t even employees of Uber but are, instead, self-employed contract workers. This can lead to wide swaths of a grey area when it comes to Uber accidents.

Uber drivers are guided by the Uber app, which provides them with information about their next fare, including who to look for, where to pick the fare up, and where to drop the fare off. The app also acts as the driver’s GPS and directs him or her where to go. In other words, the Uber app is what makes the driver an Uber driver in the first place, but it can also be a dangerous distraction.

Uber drivers do a lot of starting and stopping and a lot of pulling in and out of traffic – both of which are closely associated with an increased risk of traffic accidents.

Uber drivers have no say regarding which fares they take on, which can leave them driving in unfamiliar territory.

Uber drivers are pioneers in the gig economy, and when they aren’t hustling for their next fare, they aren’t making money. This can push some drivers to bypass the few hours-of-service restrictions they do face and to continue driving past the point of safety.

Making a living as an Uber driver can be arduous and can lead to additional risk factors on our roads.

Statistical Backing

An article published in MIT Technology Review shares data culled from a study out of the University of Chicago and Rice University, which indicates all of the following:


Since 2011, Uber and other rideshare companies like it have increased traffic fatalities by about two to three percent in the U.S. This amounts to around 1,100 deaths a year.

1,100 Deaths

Part of the problem is attributed to Uber drivers who spend a significant amount of time on the road waiting for or pursuing passengers. This is indicative of the hustle quality of the job, and it’s often referred to as deadheading. The more drivers we have on our roads which are simply biding their time until their next passengers, the more likely it is that dangerous traffic accidents will happen.

Traffic Accidentnt

Other studies parsed in the article find that Uber has generally increased the congestion on our roads and has decreased the degree to which people use public transport – both of which contribute to an increase in traffic accidents.

The study tracking the correlation in traffic fatalities and the rise of Uber drivers used accident statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for specific cities, and it compares the accident numbers culled from before Uber or another rideshare company launched in the city to the accident numbers from after Uber launched. The accident rates rose precipitously after Uber’s Launch in specific cities across the nation, including San Francisco. In fact, traffic fatalities rates had been on the decline before Uber hit the scene.

Uber’s Insurance

If an Uber driver’s negligence leaves you injured, Uber’s insurance will generally be responsible for covering the damages you sustain, but as with most things involving insurance, it’s rarely that easy. Insurance companies – including Uber’s – are in the business of turning a profit, and while Uber’s coverage for their drivers is considerable, this doesn’t mean that the insurance company won’t use every tool at its disposal to reduce your compensation (or even to deny your claim). It’s always in your best interest to work closely with a dedicated Los Angeles Uber accident attorney.

Ubers Insurance

When it comes to Uber accidents, insurance coverage tends to fall in one of the following categories:

If the Uber driver who leaves you injured is driving you or has another passenger in his or her car, Uber’s insurance coverage is in play.

If the Uber driver who leaves you injured is on the way to pick up a passenger, Uber’s coverage remains responsible.

If the Uber driver who leaves you injured is on the app, but he or she doesn’t have a passenger who is waiting for pickup, Uber’s policy takes over where the Uber driver’s personal insurance coverage leaves off.

If the Uber driver who leaves you injured is not on the app, the accident is like any other car accident, and your claim will process through the driver’s personal car insurance. There’s often more to the matter than this, however. Uber drivers commonly shift from Uber to other rideshare apps during the course of their workday. This means that a driver could be out driving for Uber when the accident that leaves you injured happens – but that Uber might be off the hook for your damages if the driver happened to have been toggled off the app. In other words, it’s complicated, and you shouldn’t try to navigate your claim alone.
Seek the Professional Guidance of an Experienced Los Angeles Uber Accident Attorney Today

Seek the Professional Guidance of an Experienced Los Angeles Uber Accident Attorney Today

Uber accident claims are nothing if not complicated, but the intrepid rideshare accident attorneys at Kash Legal Group in LA have extensive experience guiding difficult case’s like yours toward just resolutions that support our clients’ rights and best interests. Your case is too important to leave to chance, so please don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers or call us for more information today.


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