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West Covina Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can cause serious casualties and property damage. If you or a loved one were injured in a truck accident, it should help to know that you have legal options. You can obtain financial compensation by holding the reckless truck driver or other at-fault parties accountable.

For the best possible outcome in a settlement or trial after a truck accident, you need to hire an experienced West Covina truck accident attorney. Our experienced truck accident lawyers at Kash Legal can help you reduce the stress and trouble of dealing with the case alone.

Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

How Severe Are Truck Collisions in West Covina?

Truck accidents can be catastrophic. According to recent data on heavy truck fatalities, 4,119 persons perished in truck accidents in 2019. What’s more alarming is that a whopping 82% of deaths involved pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers in cars.

Most of the time, after a truck collision, the truck driver will survive without injuries. Truck drivers must therefore exercise a high level of care for other motorists on the road. A truck accident can have disastrous effects on everyone involved.

Who Should Be Held Liable in a West Covina Truck Accident?

A truck collision may include multiple parties. However, at least one of the following parties may be held accountable in most cases.

The Truck Driver

The truck driver is almost always the individual responsible for the accident. Naturally, since the driver operates the truck, they are the first line of defense in the event of an accident. You might sue them if they engaged in unsafe or careless driving, leading to the accident.

In personal injury claims involving auto accidents, negligence generally refers to four different things. As a truck accident victim, you must prove:

  • Duty of care: The truck driver owed you a duty of care to operate the vehicle sensibly and safely.
  • Breach of duty: The truck driver broke or violated the duty of care.
  • Causation: The truck driver’s carelessness caused your harm or harm to a loved one.
  • Damages: The injuries caused losses and damages for you or your loved one.

These are the four elements required for any personal injury claim, including car and truck accidents.

The Truck’s Company

Trucking businesses also have a responsibility to the general public. They should select skilled drivers and maintain their trucks. If they fail on their part, they seriously endanger the public. You can hold them accountable for your injury if the evidence demonstrates that their recruiting criteria are lax or their maintenance standards are deficient.

The Company That Makes Trucks

There are situations when neither the truck’s company nor the driver is at fault. It’s possible that the truck they were using had a manufacturing flaw they may have overlooked, but it is not their fault. The manufacturer is responsible for disclosing to truck owners any potentially hazardous flaws in their products and correcting them.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney in West Covina, CA

There are often many complex causes and responsible parties in truck accidents. Was it the driver’s carelessness or a mechanical problem that caused a truck to stray into your lane? Was the driver exhausted from working too long or under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Did the truck malfunction due to a manufacturing issue, no maintenance, or poor maintenance work?

Navigating the legal system, comprehending the whole scope of your losses, and negotiating the best settlement can be quite a challenge without a lawyer. Truck accident attorneys are experts at figuring out these issues to help you get fair compensation from the at-fault party.

Here are some ways a Kash Legal truck accident lawyer can help.

Obtaining Proof for Your Claim

It’s not automatic that a party will compensate you just because you file a claim. You must still bargain for a settlement and, in some circumstances, go to court. You must have substantial supporting evidence to prevail in a settlement.

Our truck accident attorneys in West Covina will gather critical information from your truck accident, including police reports, pictures, medical records, and witness testimony. We’ll ensure you have a compelling argument the insurance company can’t refute.

Accurately Calculating Your Damages

The settlement amount for your truck accident will change depending on the severity of your accident and the extent of your damages. Our attorneys will determine all of your damages on your behalf to guarantee that you receive the most amount of compensation feasible.

Contending With the Insurance Provider

Insurance companies will always try to find ways to avoid giving you a fair amount of compensation for your damages. After all, they are businesses before anything else. Our attorneys understand how to deal with insurance companies. We can fight for your settlement in or out of court.

The insurance company will be more willing to negotiate a fair settlement if you hire a West Covina truck accident attorney because they wouldn’t want to risk an expensive legal struggle. Employing a lawyer might have leverage while bargaining for fair compensation for your injury.

What Damages Are You Entitled to Receive Compensation For?

When you hire a truck accident lawyer in West Covina to handle your case, they will help you get the best compensation for your damages. At Kash Legal, we will take into account not only your recent and ongoing medical expenses, but we will also estimate the future value of:

  • Continuing medical care
  • Ongoing physical therapy
  • Modifications made to your vehicles and homes to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Lost wages and diminished earning potential
  • Distress and suffering

It is best to wait until you fully recover from your injuries before we determine a just compensation sum. Do not hesitate to contact Kash Legal for a free initial consultation to ensure you understand the whole process.

The initial medical report can help prove that your injuries were the result of the accident. It’s important to seek medical attention to ensure your own health and have the documentation to prove your need for compensation. Sometimes people delay going to the doctor because their injuries take time to develop physical and visible symptoms. For instance, they may be internal damage in your knees, presenting only as mild pain at first but later developing into a much more severe injury. Getting diagnostic tests (CT scans, MRIs)  immediately after an accident can help catch any issues that may develop into more severe conditions if not treated and create documented evidence of your injuries.

Reach Out to an Experienced Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney Today

Contact a West Covina Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial, physical, or emotional weight on your own. As you and your family heal, a truck accident attorney from Kash Legal can look into your case, compile a strong claim, and negotiate just settlement with the insurance company.

Get in touch with Kash Legal to discuss your case with an experienced truck accident lawyer in West Covina. Call us today at (888) 527-4128 or fill out our contact form for a free initial consultation.


Our Clients Love Us

Jonathan has been great in getting my accident case settled and for more than I expected. They took care of everything for me so I didn't have to deal with any insurance agencies. Highly recommended.

Cynthia R.San Francisco, CA

Kash Legal Group . Jonathan and his team are the best. Never have I delt with such a professional, caring group. They kept in touch and informed me the whole journey. Eileen was so comforting to me. And I would MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS TEAM ..

Deanna S.Big Bear, CA

I am super satisfied with the job Kashani and his team had done for me after my car accident. They help me get all the attention I needed after accident plus got me a good compensation. They all are very pleasant and know what are doing, they are very professional and sharp . The group firm assisted me till make sure I was healed and make sure everything was paid by other insurance.

Felipe C.Riverside, CA

After my injury, I contacted Kash Legal in hopes of getting justice for what had happened to me. Kash Legal has helped me achieve that goal, and even during the COVID pandemic, they had always kept fighting and updating me on the case with extreme professionalism. Kash Legal changed my life for the better, and did a fantastic job doing so.

Justin J.Broken Arrow, OK


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