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California is home to some of the most stringent product liability laws in the United States. These laws provide consumers with protection when they purchase a product that turns out to be defective. Understanding California’s product liability laws can help you determine if you have a valid claim against a manufacturer or seller for your injuries.

Product liability law covers any type of product, from food and drink to toys and medical devices. It also covers anything that could be considered an injury caused by a defective product, including physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss. In California, strict product liability laws are in place to protect consumers from these types of injuries. Kash Legal recognizes that California has some of the most comprehensive product safety laws in the United States.

California’s Strict Product Liability Laws

Under California’s strict product liability laws, manufacturers and sellers are liable for any defects in their products that cause injury to consumers. This means that even if the seller was unaware of the defect, they may still be held responsible for any resulting damages. Sellers must meet certain safety standards when it comes to manufacturing and selling products in California. Most people have seen the product safety disclaimers required for many types of plastics and electronics in California, even if the products are sold out of state. Failing to do so can result in severe penalties for manufacturers and sellers alike.

When it comes to understanding California’s strict product liability laws, there are three primary elements that must be met for a consumer to have a valid claim:

  • The product must have been defective
  • The defect must have caused actual injury
  • The injury must have been foreseeable by the manufacturer or seller at the time of sale. 

In addition to these elements, there are other considerations that may affect whether or not you have a valid claim under California’s strict product liability laws. These include: 

  • Whether you received adequate warnings about the potential risks associated with using the product
  • Whether the manufacturer or seller had knowledge of prior incidents involving similar products
  • Whether there was proper installation and maintenance of the product prior to your incident occurring

Your product liability lawyer can give you more guidance about whether you might have a strong case based on the specifics of what happened.

Statute of Limitations for Product Liability Cases

Under California law, a person injured by a defective product or otherwise harmed due to unsafe conditions must bring their claim within two years from the date that injury was sustained. However, there are certain exceptions that allow for longer periods, such as if the injured party is under 18 years old at the time of injury or if it takes more than two years for them to discover their injury.

It is important to file any claims related to product liability within this two-year limitation period in order for victims to receive fair compensation for their losses. Filing a claim early will increase your chances of success since evidence and witnesses can be gathered more easily at that point. Filing late could mean missing out on vital evidence needed to prove your case.

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