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Improper cargo loading is one of the many causes of severe truck accidents. When a truck is improperly loaded, the cargo can shift during transportation, making it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle. It could also fall off the truck and scatter across the road. It’s even worse when the trailer loses control or develops issues with maneuverability and braking. No matter the circumstances, overloaded or improperly loaded trucks can put other road users in grave danger.

Truck accidents caused by improper loading can cause severe injuries and fatalities. As if that weren’t enough, determining fault and pursuing compensation is even more complicated. In most cases, several parties might be liable for your damages. That’s why you may need the help of a skilled truck accident lawyer at Kash Legal to help identify all at-fault parties and prove liability.

Laws on Truck Loading

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) dictates specific laws and regulations that truck drivers and loading companies must adhere to. These regulations are designed to help prevent accidents caused by overloading or improper loading. They include:

  • Truck drivers should check the cargo after 50 miles and then periodically after 150 miles
  • The load must be distributed appropriately
  • The cargo should be secured with several items, including steel straps and other fasteners
  • Fill up the empty spaces with inflatable bags to prevent the load from moving around

These regulations for loading, securing, and inspecting cargo ensure that trucks are safely operated on the road without endangering other drivers and road users. If the shipment is not loaded correctly, accidents are bound to happen.

Accidents Caused by Improperly Loaded Trucks

For trucks carrying heavy and dangerous cargo, improper loading is a massive level of negligence with catastrophic consequences. Some of the accidents caused by overloaded and improperly loaded trucks include:

  • Multiple-vehicle accidents: Heavy and rolling cargo could fall off the truck, causing accidents involving multiple vehicles
  • Rollovers: Improperly secured cargo could shift to one side of the truck or cause imbalance when turning, causing the truck to roll over.
  • Tire blowouts: The truck’s tires may blow out due to the increased pressure.
  • Jackknives: Unsecured cargo can make the truck to jackknife. The trailer will swing and hit other unsuspecting motorists and road users.
  • Overruns: Overloading a truck makes it difficult for the driver to stop, hence hitting vehicles ahead when emergency braking is needed.

When improperly loaded, hazardous liquids spill or leak out, they can harm motorists and the environment. Technically, improper loading is a colossal carelessness that can cause serious, life-threatening injuries to the parties involved.

How to Prove Liability in Truck Accidents Due to Improper Loading

To hold the at-fault party liable, you’ll be required to prove that they were negligent when securing the load which led to the accident. You’ll have to show that they failed to follow the specific standards when loading the truck. While it may be a complex process, here is how to prove liability and receive compensation for your damages.

Collect Evidence

Evidence plays a crucial role in proving liability. Therefore, you’ll need as much evidence as possible to support your claim. This can include:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Expert testimony
  • Cargo loading documents
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene and damages

Crucial evidence is more like to get lost with time. Therefore, you should act quickly and collect evidence immediately after a big rig accident caused by the truck’s cargo. This involves analyzing how the cargo was loaded and who was tasked with the responsibility.

Identify the Liable Parties

After a truck accident, everyone who interacted with the truck’s cargo may be legally responsible for the damages caused. Therefore, liability may fall on various parties, including the following:

  • Truck driver: The driver must inspect their vehicle and ensure the cargo is secure before driving and during the journey. They can be held responsible when they fail to inspect or ignore signs that the load was not safely secured.
  • Trucking company: As an employer, the trucking company is responsible for the actions of its employees. Therefore, it may be responsible for the accident if the company’s employees helped secure the load without following the set regulations.
  • Shipping companies: If the shipping company’s employees handled the cargo and prepared the truck, they could also be responsible.
  • The cargo loader: The loading company and individuals responsible for loading the cargo may also face liability for the accident.

Determining liable parties requires a complete investigation and analysis of the accident and the cargo.

Why Work With an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney?

Personal injury claims involving trucking accidents caused by improper loading can get complicated fast. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced truck accident attorney who can help you navigate through these difficult times by:

  • Investigating the accident and gathering valuable evidence
  • Determining the liable parties
  • Handling insurance companies
  • Offering legal representation in court

After a trucking accident, you’re probably nursing serious injuries and would not want to overwhelm yourself with the complex legal process. Speak to a skilled 18-wheeler accident attorney to handle everything on your behalf and provide valuable legal guidance.

Consult a Dedicated Truck Accident Attorney at Kash Legal Today

Improper loading is dangerous for all road users. It makes the truck uncontrollable, leading to different types of truck accidents. Therefore, you may be entitled to compensation if you were injured in a big rig accident due to improper loading.

Proving improper loading after a truck accident can be difficult and requires a knowledgeable lawyer with a proven record of successfully handling trucking accidents. At Kash Legal, we have years of experience handling truck accident cases in California. You can count on us to help strengthen your claim and tackle all the legal complexities in your case. Contact us online or call us at (888) 527-4128 to schedule your free consultation.

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