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Personal injuries are a fact of life in Rialto, as they are throughout Southern California. Every day, in every corner of Rialto, preventable accidents happen that inflict severe trauma and change innocent people's lives for the worse.

Victims of those accidents have potentially valuable legal rights. California law permits you to seek money damages for injuries and losses you suffer because of someone else's wrongful decisions and actions. Securing that money, however, often takes the skill and determination of an experienced personal injury lawyer, like a member of the team at Kash Legal.

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision

Rialto Personal Injury Matters We Handle

Ours is a full-service personal injury law firm. That means that we possess the collective experience and resources to handle virtually any personal injury case that might arise in Rialto. Clients frequently seek the help of one of our personal injury attorneys, after getting hurt from car accidents to wrongful death claims.

Car, Truck, or Bus Crashes

In a recent year, 11 people died and 666 suffered injuries in Rialto car, truck, and bus accidents, according to the Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) at Cal Berkeley. Most of those accidents were preventable, and many resulted from careless, reckless, or intentional misconduct—like speeding, ignoring traffic signs and signals, and failing to yield the right of way—of someone other than the injured victim. 

Delivery Vehicles

An increasing number of traffic accidents in Rialto involve delivery vehicles ranging from cars delivering food from a neighborhood restaurant to trucks bringing packages to doorsteps. The commercial role of those vehicles can add complication to a personal injury case, but the team at Kash Legal knows how to navigate it and to secure compensation from the businesses who hired the at-fault drivers. 

Lyft and Uber

Rideshare accidents are also on the rise in Rialto. These crashes, too, present potential legal complexities for victims seeking compensation, particularly when it comes to securing payment from the supplemental insurance policies Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare operators must carry under California insurance rules. 

Motorcycle Wrecks

According to TIMS data, motorcycle crashes killed one and injured 53 others in Rialto over a recent three-year period. Nearly all of those victims were motorcycle riders or passengers. 

Motorcyclists tend to suffer severe injuries in wrecks, including brain trauma, spinal cord damages, severe road rash, and disfiguring facial injuries. At Kash Legal, we fight on behalf of injured bikers to make sure insurance companies and the legal system treat them fairly and pay them the compensation they need to get care and return to living their lives after a crash. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Over three recent years, pedestrian crashes killed 12 people and left 107 more injured (many severely) in Rialto. In around half (if not more) of those accidents, a motorist or someone other than the injured pedestrian bore the primary blame by, for example, failing to yield a right of way or speeding. Kash Legal believes that cars should never strike pedestrians and that when they do, injured pedestrians should receive compensation to compensate them for their pain, suffering, and expense. We are always ready to hold a driver, local government, or other wrongful actor accountable to an injured pedestrian. 

Bicycle and E-Scooter Accidents

Bicycle accidents also take a heavy toll in Rialto. Over the same three-year interval, they resulted in one death and 36 injuries, according to TIMS. And while TIMS does not (yet) track e-scooter accidents, there’s also little doubt that they too have increased in Rialto since they emerged as a transportation alternative.  Like motorcyclists, bicyclists and e-scooter riders have little (if any) protection in a collision with a motor vehicle, putting them at risk of suffering catastrophic or fatal injuries.  

Falls on Someone Else’s Property

In our law practice, we also spend a significant amount of time representing victims of accidental slip and falls, which constitute a leading cause of unintentional injuries among elderly Californians, children, and construction workers in particular. Under California law, owners and tenants of residential, commercial, and public properties in Rialto have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors. 

If you or someone you love fell and got hurt on property you do not own in Rialto due to an unsafe hazard the property owner or occupants should have fixed, kept you away from, or warned you about, you likely have the right to demand compensation.  

Vaping Device Injuries

As vape pens (also called e-cigarettes) have grown in popularity over the past decade, so have the number of incidents in which these devices caught fire or exploded in a user’s hand, causing devastating injuries. California law generally holds manufacturers of vaping products legally responsible for those injuries, which often result from defects in how they were designed, manufactured, or packaged. At Kash Legal, we have the resources and know how to hold vape pen makers and others financially accountable to innocent consumers who suffered harm because of their unreasonably dangerous products.

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Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer at Kash Legal Today

Accidents happen in Rialto, but that doesn’t always mean you have to accept their consequences. If you or someone you love suffered injuries in an incident caused by someone else’s careless, reckless, or intentional misconduct, you have rights under California law to seek financial compensation. 

At Kash Legal, we are an award winning team of personal injury attorneys and support staff. We have secured millions for victims of personal injury through negotiated settlements, jury verdicts, and court judgments. Our clients highly value our responsiveness, professionalism, and unwavering determination to get them the maximum injury compensation allowed under state and federal law. Contact us online today or call us at (888) 527-4128 for a free consultation with a knowledgeable legal professional about your case.


Our Clients Love Us

Jonathan has been great in getting my accident case settled and for more than I expected. They took care of everything for me so I didn't have to deal with any insurance agencies. Highly recommended.

Cynthia R.San Francisco, CA

Kash Legal Group . Jonathan and his team are the best. Never have I delt with such a professional, caring group. They kept in touch and informed me the whole journey. Eileen was so comforting to me. And I would MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS TEAM ..

Deanna S.Big Bear, CA

I am super satisfied with the job Kashani and his team had done for me after my car accident. They help me get all the attention I needed after accident plus got me a good compensation. They all are very pleasant and know what are doing, they are very professional and sharp . The group firm assisted me till make sure I was healed and make sure everything was paid by other insurance.

Felipe C.Riverside, CA

After my injury, I contacted Kash Legal in hopes of getting justice for what had happened to me. Kash Legal has helped me achieve that goal, and even during the COVID pandemic, they had always kept fighting and updating me on the case with extreme professionalism. Kash Legal changed my life for the better, and did a fantastic job doing so.

Justin J.Broken Arrow, OK


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