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If you have been in a traffic accident in Sacramento, it is important to obtain a copy of your accident report to facilitate insurance claims and legal proceedings. The process of obtaining the report differs depending on which entity responded to the scene of the accident: the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or Sacramento Police Department (Sac PD)

Here’s how you can obtain your report, depending on which entity responded to the accident scene: California Highway Patrol (CHP) or Sacramento Police Department (Sac PD).

If the CHP Handled Your Case: 

  1. Visit a CHP Office: Head to any CHP office and request your report in person. Remember, only authorized individuals, such as drivers, passengers, vehicle owners, or legal guardians, can pick up the report. Be sure to bring proper identification and proof of connection to the incident, along with details like the accident date, location, and driver/owner information. Note that there is a fee associated with obtaining the report. 
  2. Utilize Your Insurance Provider: You can request your insurance provider to obtain a copy of the collision report on your behalf, which may save you the report fee.

If the Sac PD handled your case: 

  1. Access the online portal: Navigate to the City of Sacramento  website to obtain your report online. There is a $5.00 fee for obtaining a copy of the report. To request the report, simply follow the instructions on the website. Usually, reports are available within five to ten days from the accident date. If you need to check the status of your report, you can contact Records at (916) 808-0620. 
  2. Engage Your Insurance Provider: Like the CHP process, you can involve your insurance provider in obtaining the collision report, potentially waiving the report fee. 

It is important to note that both the California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento Police Department allow you to request a copy of a report by mail through the United States Postal Service. Please check their official websites to understand the necessary information and fees required to obtain a copy.

Moreover, it is crucial to keep in mind the following information from the city of Sacramento regarding the request process:

  • Motor vehicle accident reports written by SPD officers may be available for purchase online for a cost of $5.00. 
  • Reports are typically accessible five to ten days from the accident date. Contact Records at (916) 808-0620 if your report isn’t available after ten days. 
  • Certain reports may not be available online due to various factors such as lack of police response, accidents on private property, serious injuries or fatalities, hit-and-run incidents, or further restrictions imposed by the Sacramento Police Department.

It is important to secure your accident report promptly to have the necessary documentation for legal or insurance-related matters. If you face any challenges, consider seeking expert assistance from Kash Legal Group and Attorney Jonathan Kashani.

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