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Traffic Collision on Capital City Freeway in Sacramento Leaves Two Injured, One in Critical Condition

Car accident in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA (May 24, 2024) – A violent vehicle collision on the Capital City Freeway has resulted in severe injuries, affecting a man and leaving a child in critical condition. The incident unfolded southbound near Watt Avenue around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.

A vehicle, operated by a man in his 30s, reportedly lost control and crashed into a roadside pole. The sudden impact caused the car to catch fire. The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District teams responded promptly to the scene and successfully extinguished the flames.

Emergency medical personnel immediately transported the two injured parties, the adult driver and a girl under the age of 10, to a nearby hospital for urgent care. The current medical status of the man has not been made public, however, the young girl is known to be in critical condition.

Law enforcement officials are actively conducting an investigation to determine the underlying cause of the devastating crash. They are considering multiple factors, such as drug or alcohol influence and whether seatbelt protocols were properly followed. Further details will become available once the authorities provide more insights into the tragic event.

Source: Local Accident Reports