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Teens in Stolen Car Hit Mother and Child on Sacramento Street, Deputies Report

Car accident in Sacramento

In a tragic incident on Monday afternoon in North Highlands, Sacramento County, two teenagers led law enforcement on a dangerous high-speed pursuit in a stolen vehicle, culminating in a collision that left a mother and her child with grave injuries.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the chase started at approximately 5 p.m. when deputies spotted the stolen vehicle. The driver, a 16-year-old boy, and his counterpart, also 16, attempted to evade arrest, speeding through the streets of North Highlands.

During the pursuit, their vehicle hurtled into an intersection where they collided with another car. In the chaos, they also struck a pedestrian woman who was crossing the street with her child. First responders transported both the woman and the child to the hospital; the woman sustained serious injuries, while the condition of the child has not been disclosed.

Source: KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento