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Suspected Drunk Driving Incident Claims Two Lives on Sacramento Delta’s Highway 160

Two Fatalities in Suspected DUI Collision on Sacramento County’s Highway 160

In the early hours of Saturday, a tragic incident occurred on Highway 160 in Sacramento County, where two individuals lost their lives in a head-on collision believed to involve drunk driving. California Highway Patrol’s South Sacramento office spokesperson, Officer Mark Leavitt, reported that the incident took place near Sherman Island Road.

Around 12:15 a.m., a gray 2001 Nissan SUV traveling southbound and a silver 2004 Lexus SUV traveling northbound crashed into each other under undisclosed circumstances. The impact was severe enough to cause the Nissan to veer into the opposing lane, instigating the fatal collision with the Lexus.

The collision resulted in the Nissan driver’s immediate death due to the catastrophic injuries sustained. In addition, the Lexus was carrying multiple passengers, including a 33-year-old severely injured male driver who required urgent medical attention at an East Bay hospital. Tragically, a female front seat passenger also perished in the accident.

The aftermath of the crash witnessed more casualties with three young children—an infant girl aged 2 months, a 5-year-old girl, and a 10-year-old boy—all sustaining major injuries. The girls were transported to a Bay Area hospital, and the boy received treatment at a facility in Sacramento.

Source: Yahoo News Canada