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“Serious Injury Reported After Vehicle Leaves Road in Modesto Collision”

Car accident in Sacramento

A major collision in Modesto resulted in significant injuries on April 5 when two vehicles, an SUV and a larger articulated vehicle, collided at the intersection of Crows Landing and West Kaiser roads. The incident, occurring at approximately 3:14 p.m., led to one of the vehicles veering off the road and ending up in a ditch nearby.

Upon arrival at the scene of the accident, the California Highway Patrol confirmed that the roadway was not obstructed. However, emergency medical teams from the Modesto Fire Department attended to the involved parties and identified at least one person suffering from severe injuries. The victim was swiftly taken to a regional medical facility for urgent care. Traffic collision detectives from the CHP have initiated an inquiry to determine the precise cause of the accident and to establish who was at fault.

In the aftermath of such collisions, the process of establishing liability is critical for the legal proceedings that may follow. Once fault is assessed, the injured parties have the right to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. Most cases resolve through negotiation with insurance providers, but if a satisfactory settlement is not forthcoming, legal action in court may become necessary.