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Multiple Vehicles Collide Leading to Fiery Accident in Sacramento County

Car accident in Sacramento

In a significant roadway incident, Sacramento County witnessed a violent multi-vehicle collision resulting in an intense vehicle fire this past Thursday, as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The event unfolded in the late afternoon at approximately 4 p.m. at the crossroads of Sunrise Boulevard and Gold Country Boulevard – a notably congested junction situated roughly a mile south of Fair Oaks.

Authorities have described the sequence of events leading up to the catastrophe: a female motorist was behind the wheel of a Lexus SUV, proceeding westbound along Gold Country Boulevard when she reached a red light intersecting Sunrise Boulevard. Concurrently, a male driver was maneuvering a Nissan Altima northbound on Sunrise Boulevard, approaching the intersection with a green light ahead of him.

The situation spiraled out of control as the Lexus driver initiated a right turn onto Sunrise Boulevard, colliding with the Nissan Altima in the process. The impact forced the Nissan’s driver to swerve abruptly to the left, leading to a subsequent collision with a southbound Kia on the same road.

Source: KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento