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Hit-and-Run Incident on Dillard Road Injures One in Sacramento County

Car accident in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (April 29, 2024) – A hit-and-run collision on Dillard Road near Simpson Road Court in Sacramento County resulted in at least one individual sustaining injuries on Friday evening. The California Highway Patrol reported the incident and indicated that the driver who caused the collision fled the scene before authorities arrived.

Upon arriving at the site of the crash, officers discovered one person who had been hurt. Their current condition has not been disclosed, and the whereabouts of the driver responsible remained unknown. Law enforcement agencies are requesting that witnesses with any pertinent information regarding the incident contact the CHP office to assist in the investigation.

Officials reaffirm the legal obligation for drivers to remain at the scene of an accident to exchange necessary information with other involved parties. They further emphasize the importance of safe driving practices, such as attentive driving, maintaining appropriate speeds, and refraining from tailgating, to reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents.