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Family Appeals for Support as Sacramento Dad Risks Losing Leg Following Hit-and-Run Incident

On January 7th, a serious hit-and-run incident in Sacramento, California, resulted in a devastating injury for a local man. Dirk Couvson, a 20-year-old father, was involved in a motorcycle crash that occurred near Arden Way and Harvard Street. He is now facing the reality of a leg amputation following the collision.

The accident unfolded when Couvson was struck by a vehicle whose driver subsequently fled the scene. His mother, Lythia Bouie, shared the harrowing experience of receiving a call from her son immediately after the crash. Although severely injured, Couvson managed to contact his mother and inform her of the incident while waiting for the ambulance, despite not being able to feel his legs.

Medical examination revealed that Couvson’s leg was too swollen to undergo surgery immediately. Plans were made to amputate below the knee after the swelling subsided. This operation would mark Couvson’s third surgery since his admission to the hospital. Despite the challenges, he has already started engaging in physical therapy.

Before the accident, Couvson worked as a caregiver at a senior living facility, a job where he became known for his loving nature. Patients and the community have expressed their support, highlighting his positive attitude even in the face of adversity. His mother remains hopeful about his recovery, stating he has shown determination and readiness to attend rehabilitation to walk again. She described a poignant moment when Couvson held his 10-month-old child for the first time since the crash—a moment eagerly anticipated by the family.

To assist with medical and living expenses as Couvson faces a long road to recovery, his family has set up a GoFundMe campaign. This fundraising effort is critical in helping him maintain the apartment he recently secured for his child and himself and covering the costs associated with his hospital stay and therapy.

The Sacramento community is being called upon to offer support to Couvson and his family during this difficult time. As the authorities continue looking for the driver responsible for the hit-and-run, the focus remains on Couvson’s recovery and the long-term impact this incident will have on his life as a parent and member of the community.