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Egg Spill from Overturned Truck Causes Delays on Sacramento Highway

Car accident in Sacramento

Early Thursday morning in Sacramento, a traffic incident occurred when a big rig truck transporting eggs tipped over on Business 80, significantly disrupting westbound traffic flows. The accident was reported at approximately 2 a.m. near the Watt Avenue exit. The California Highway Patrol indicated that the incident was initiated by the driver becoming distracted as he attempted to retrieve a water bottle, which led to an overcorrection and ultimate overturn of the truck.

The consequential effects of the mishap were immediate, causing extensive traffic congestion along the westbound lanes as emergency crews were forced to reduce traffic to a single lane to manage the situation. The severity of delays peaked during morning rush hour with commuters facing unexpected setbacks in their daily routes.

Efforts to rectify the turmoil included the dispatch of a tow truck which upon hoisting the vehicle, resulted in a further dispersion of the cargo, littering the highway with eggs and exacerbating the on-scene cleanup efforts. At 8 a.m., personnel continued their exhaustive clean-up endeavors.

There is, as of the latest updates, no specified time for when the westbound lanes of Business 80 will be entirely accessible to the public. The restoration of normal traffic conditions is pending the conclusion of the clean-up operations.

Source: CBS News