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Drivers Injured in Highway Collision on US-50 East at 15th Street Off-Ramp in Sacramento

Car accident in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA (June 4, 2024) – Sacramento witnessed a multi-vehicle accident on the morning of June 3 on US50 East, close to the 15th Street off-ramp. The crash, involving a black sedan, a grey truck, a green four-door sedan, and another grey sedan, resulted in scattered debris across the roadway and significant traffic disruptions at around 11:36 AM.

The California Highway Patrol reported that several lanes were blocked due to the incident. Cleanup crews and emergency personnel worked rapidly to clear the roadways and tend to the injured. By early afternoon, lanes were progressively reopened to the public. Updated information about the conditions of those injured is expected to be made available as the investigation unfolds.

Details regarding the exact cause of the collision and the identities of the individuals involved have not been disclosed yet. The California Highway Patrol continues to investigate the factors contributing to this serious incident. Witnesses or those with relevant information are encouraged to provide details that could assist in the ongoing inquiry.

The impact of such accidents stretches beyond immediate injuries and damages. Authorities remind drivers to remain vigilant and exercise caution while on the roads, particularly in high-traffic zones or areas known for frequent congestion. The safety of all road users is of utmost concern, and efforts to reduce the chances of such incidents continue to be a priority for local law enforcement agencies.

Source: Local Accident Reports