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Chase Following Sacramento Starbucks Robbery Ends in Roseville Crash

Car accident in Sacramento

In a high-speed chase that culminated in a field near Roseville, California, a 27-year-old man, formerly implicated in an armed robbery at a Starbucks in Sacramento County, was apprehended by law enforcement on Wednesday. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office led the pursuit after identifying the man’s vehicle in the vicinity of Thunder Valley Casino, according to Sgt. David Smith, the department’s spokesperson.

The suspect’s erratic driving included zigzagging through streets along Industrial Avenue, heading toward Washington Boulevard and Roseville Parkway, and at one juncture, veering into oncoming traffic lanes. Despite the potential danger, the chase, which lasted approximately seven minutes, ended without any injuries when the pursued vehicle spun out in a field.

Authorities have since charged the individual with a series of offenses, including false imprisonment, narcotics possession, armed drug possession, carrying a loaded handgun, illegal firearm possession, and evasion of police. The suspect is currently in custody, with bail set at $200,000.

While the incident did not result in any physical harm, it raises concerns about public safety regarding high-speed pursuits. The Citrus Heights Police Department has been reached out to for further comments on the case.

Source: Yahoo News Canada