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Bystanders Rush to Assist Victims in Fatal Manteca Collision

Car accident in Sacramento

MANTECA, Calif. — A tragic car accident on Highway 120 in Manteca resulted in the deaths of four individuals when a 2011 Toyota Sienna veered off the road. Good Samaritans on the scene took immediate action to prevent further loss of life.

The crash site, now marked by candles and flowers, was a scene of quick and compassionate responses from local Good Samaritans who described the incident with a vivid sense of urgency.

Residents Christian and Monica Aceves, who live close to the location of the accident, were alerted to the tragedy by the loud impact. They reported the sensation as comparable to an earthquake. Without hesitation, they and other nearby Good Samaritans, including teenagers in their prom attire, rallied to assist the victims.

One of the emergency responders from the community, Monica Aceves, recounted how her brother was able to extricate two young females from the vehicle. Other witnesses, such as Gina and Joseph Rosamond, who were returning from a family visit, described a frantic scene where about 15 to 20 people worked together to right the overturned, flaming minivan.

The joint efforts of the bystanders resulted in four minors, including an infant, being rescued from the vehicle. Despite the inferno, the group managed to save the children, ranging from six to 14 years old.

Source: KXTV