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Body of Missing Individual Discovered in Submerged Vehicle at Sacramento Boat Ramp

Car accident in Sacramento

In Sacramento, a grim discovery far from the shorelines unfolded Sunday morning at a boat launch when emergency responders recovered a submerged vehicle with a body inside. The Sacramento County Regional Parks authorities were alerted as early as Friday to a possible obstruction at the Discovery Boat Launch, leading to an in-depth underwater investigation.

According to Sergeant Elmer Marzan of the Sacramento County Regional Parks, the initial tip was received Friday, but it wasn’t until the following day that the Drowning Accident Rescue Team honed in on a specific underwater target warranting further exploration.

By Sunday, the dive team was back at the site, plunging into the murky waters to investigate the promising target. Their effort resulted in the remarkable recovery of the car deep within the aquatic abyss. Once surfaced, the vehicle wasn’t just a retrieval of property, but the poignant end to a search for a missing person, as confirmed by Sergeant Marzan.

The car was carefully extracted from its watery resting place, a tow cable ensuring its emergence from below. Inside, a somber revelation was made: the deceased occupant matched a person reported missing from Reno, Nevada. While the identity of the individual recovered has been withheld pending notification of next of kin, officials have confirmed it is indeed the subject of the report out of Reno.

Source: CBS Sacramento