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Two Officers and Civilian Hospitalized Following Los Angeles Police Vehicle Collision

Car accident in Los Angeles

In South Los Angeles, a severe collision at the intersection of Adams Boulevard and Gramercy Place resulted in hospitalizations for two police officers and a civilian this past Sunday. The Los Angeles Police Department reported the incident in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, which occurred shortly before 6 p.m.

The officers were initially called to a scene where a man was reportedly wielding a knife on Adams Boulevard near Saint James Place. Authorities deemed the situation critical, issuing an urgent response to apprehend the armed individual.

While proceeding under emergency conditions, with activated lights and sirens, a second patrol unit engaged in the urgent call collided with a civilian motorist at the aforementioned junction in Jefferson Park.

The incident’s specifics have yet to be disclosed; however, authorities have confirmed that the male driver of the other car was critically injured and has been taken to a local hospital. Updates on his condition remain undisclosed.

Source: KTLA Los Angeles