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Two Fatalities Reported in Baldwin Hills Multi-Vehicle Collision



In Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, a devastating three-vehicle collision has claimed the lives of two individuals, as confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department. The tragic event unfolded just shy of the 3 PM mark on a Saturday afternoon at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Coliseum Street.

Initial reports by authorities indicated that a Mercedes Benz with two occupants was traveling at a high rate of speed in a northbound direction on La Brea Avenue. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a collision with another car that had been poised to execute a left turn onto Coliseum Street. In the chaos of the impact, the Mercedes was propelled into the air, flipping over and subsequently striking a third car before coming to rest on its roof.

Tragically, both individuals inside the Mercedes Benz were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Law enforcement officials have determined that the victims were an adult male and female, both identified as African-American.

Source: KTLA Los Angeles