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Tram Accident at Universal Studios Results in 14 Injuries

Car accident in Los Angeles

In a grievous incident at Universal Studios Hollywood, a tram carrying visitors was involved in a collision that left over a dozen injured on Saturday evening. The mishap is said to have happened when one of the tram cars struck a rail while moving downhill within a parking structure at the popular Los Angeles County theme park.

Officials reported that the crash may have been triggered by a brake failure, though the exact cause remains under investigation. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department highlighted that the specifics of the brake system issue are still being determined. Lt. Maria Abal, a representative for the department, provided initial details about the possible mechanical problem leading up to the accident.

Emergency services were summoned promptly with the county’s Fire Department receiving the distress call at 9:04 p.m. They arrived on the scene to offer assistance and assess the injuries sustained by the passengers. Fredrick Fielding, speaking on behalf of the Fire Department, accounted for the victims, confirming that 14 individuals received varying degrees of injuries, with at least one person suffering moderate harm.

The incident necessitated the hospitalization of four of the tram’s passengers. However, Lt. Abal assured that, fortunately, the injuries incurred were not of a life-threatening nature. The accident caused significant concern, prompting a thorough response from medical teams and park staff alike.

Source: Los Angeles Times