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Three Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash Involving Police in Los Angeles

Car accident in Los Angeles

On Tuesday evening, a severe multivehicle collision in Encino resulted in two individuals being sent to the hospital in critical condition and involved a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. The crash occurred just before 8:00 PM at the intersection of Balboa and Burbank boulevards, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Emergency responders utilized hydraulic rescue tools to free the two critically injured people from the wreckage. Both patients were then transported to local medical facilities for urgent care. Additionally, an LAPD officer sustained minor injuries and received medical attention.

The crash aftermath revealed significant damage to all vehicles involved. On-site footage showed a car lodged against a light pole and wall with extensive harm. An LAPD cruiser was also involved; its rear was hoisted onto the sidewalk while the front end was severely crushed in the crosswalk. A third vehicle appeared at the corner of the intersection with minor front-end damage.

Source: KTLA Los Angeles