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Three Fatalities Reported Following High-Speed Collision in Uplly

In an early morning tragedy, a high-speed chase culminated in a horrific two-vehicle collision in Upland, San Bernardino County, resulting in the death of at least three individuals. The violent accident occurred at the crossroad of 16th Street and Mountain Avenue, where the aftermath saw cars twisted beyond recognition and strewn debris.

The intersection became a site of a devastating scene as a Ford Mustang bore the brunt of the collision with its front severely damaged. Another car, equally ravaged, came to a precarious rest on a nearby knoll. Authorities arriving on the scene were immediately thrown into the chaos of wreckage and rescue management.

The incident unfolded around 2 a.m., when a deputy, stationed in Rancho Cucamonga, flagged a vehicle for a routine traffic stop which the driver blatantly disregarded, according to the sheriff’s department. This refusal to cooperate rapidly escalated into a high-speed chase, which led the fugitive driver towards Upland. There, the perpetrator’s vehicle met a devastating impact with another driver’s car.

The names of the victims and further details pertinent to the crash have yet to be released. Additional information regarding the trajectory and causes leading to the fatal pursuit is under investigation. Officials are urging anyone with information or who witnessed the incident to come forward as the community reels from this tragic event.

Source: NBC Los Angeles