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Seven Assessed, Two Hospitalized Following Multi-Car Crash in South-Central Los Angeles

Car accident in Los Angeles

A major car accident occurred in Historic South-Central Los Angeles on the evening of May 28th, disrupting the usual flow of traffic and requiring a considerable response from emergency services. The multi-vehicle collision, involving four cars, took place at the intersection of 491 E 42nd Place, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. The emergency personnel, who received the call at around 7:29 PM, arrived promptly to handle the developments without necessitating rescue operations to free any trapped individuals.

The accident led to road closures and subsequent congestion as law enforcement from the Los Angeles Police Department worked in concert with fire department units to manage the aftermath. While the cause of the vehicular accident remains under investigation by the LAPD, carrying the incident number 4120, motorists were advised to find alternate paths to circumvent the area of 42nd Place during the emergency procedures.

The response teams at the scene included a collection of LAFD assets: Battalion 1, Engines 14, 21, and 46, Truck 21, Squad 21 along with ambulances RA14 and RA21. The teams worked together to provide swift medical evaluation and treatment to the injured parties.

Source: Hoodline