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Police Cruiser Collision in Hollywood Leads to One Fatality, Six Injured

Car accident in Los Angeles

In Hollywood on Monday, a fatal traffic collision occurred when a Los Angeles Police Department patrol vehicle was involved in a multi-car accident, resulting in the death of a pedestrian and injuries to six others. The incident took place at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Gower Street shortly before 5 p.m.

According to authorities, a vehicle proceeding westbound on Santa Monica Boulevard collided with the police car as it passed through the intersection, causing the patrol vehicle to spin out of control and hit the pedestrian. The crash also affected two other vehicles, though their respective passengers did not sustain injuries.

Emergency responders from the Los Angeles Fire Department, alongside police units, were dispatched to the site of the collision. Video captured at the scene depicted a white four-door sedan with front-end damage positioned against the rear of the police cruiser, which had its airbags deployed.

Medical personnel were observed providing aid to an individual at the passenger side of the damaged police car.

Source: KTLA Los Angeles