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Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-10 East at Cloverfield Blvd Off-Ramp in LA Leads to Injuries

Car accident in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (April 25, 2024) – A significant multi-vehicle collision occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 24, on I10 East at the Cloverfield Blvd off-ramp in Los Angeles. The incident, which involved a red Ford Mustang, a white Honda CRV, and a white Toyota Tundra, was reported at 4:38 p.m. and resulted in the blockage of the fast lane, leading to considerable traffic delays.

Emergency response teams, including the Santa Monica Fire Department, were swiftly at the scene, where they attended to the victims. One driver suffered from chest pains consequent to the accident and received prompt medical attention before being transported to a local hospital for further care.

Later that evening, authorities successfully cleared the roadway, reopening it to the public. However, the circumstances surrounding the crash are still under investigation as law enforcement officers work to determine the sequence of events that led to the multi-car pileup.

The events of this accident highlight the ongoing need for caution among drivers, particularly during peak traffic hours when the risk of collisions is heightened. Details will be updated as the investigation continues, and those involved seek recovery from this unfortunate event.

Authorities also encourage any witnesses or individuals with relevant information regarding the crash to come forward to assist with the ongoing investigation.

Source: Local Accident Reports