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Los Angeles Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run Collision

Car accident in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles authorities are conducting an investigation into a fatal hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of a 74-year-old woman, Estela Melani Gomez, on May 02, 2024. The incident, which occurred around 1:20 p.m. near the intersection of Adams Boulevard and Magnolia Avenue, also left another woman critically injured.

Gomez succumbed to injuries sustained when a vehicle, exiting a private driveway, collided with the two pedestrians before fleeing east on West 25th Street. The Los Angeles Police Department is actively searching for the driver responsible for this tragedy.

The deadly event highlights the ongoing hazards pedestrians encounter on U.S. streets. Data from the Governors Highway Safety Association reveals a sharp rise in pedestrian deaths, noting an estimated 6,590 fatalities in 2019—the highest in over three decades. Additionally, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports an alarming rate of more than one hit-and-run accident every minute nationwide.

Experts emphasize the necessity of comprehensive investigations to determine contributory factors such as road conditions, signage, and illumination when establishing negligence in pedestrian accidents. Furthermore, legal professionals assert that pedestrians customarily have the right of way when crossing intersections, stressing that drivers have an obligatory duty to yield.