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Long Beach Antique Store Hit by a Vehicle for the Third Time in a Year

Car accident in Los Angeles

In Long Beach, for the third occurrence within the last year, a vehicle has impacted the Magnolia and Willow antique store, increasing concerns over public safety and the future viability of the business.

The store owner, Emily Yep, expressed intense distress and anxiety about the future of her business after the latest collision and is pleading for more effective protective measures at the intersection of Willow and Magnolia. “We are struggling. At this point, I don’t know if Magnolia Willow is going to make it,” Yep conveyed.

Last fall, after two previous incidents where vehicles crashed into the store, Mayor Rex Richardson visited the storefront and promised decisive action. Temporary concrete curbs were installed around the vicinity as a short-term solution, but Yep insists they are ineffective as cars continue to threaten the store’s perimeter. “There are huge skid marks right across them, like it didn’t slow the car down at all,” stated Yep.

On Tuesday, the city took further steps to extend the curbs, but Yep is convinced that the installation of 3 to 4-foot-tall bollards or pillars would be the only permanent resolution to protect her store. However, her requests have so far been unmet, with reported concerns of liability being cited as impediments.

Source: NBC Los Angeles