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Injuries Reported in Car Collision on SR-60 East at I-605 North in East Los Angeles

Car accident in Los Angeles

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, a serious traffic collision occurred on the SR60 eastbound transition to the I605 northbound in East Los Angeles, CA. The crash, which took place at approximately 2:50 PM, involved a brown BMW sedan and resulted in injuries to at least one individual.

The injured party experienced significant pain and was quickly taken to Greater El Monte Hospital for treatment. The severity of the vehicle’s damage required emergency services to use an extensive length of towing cable, estimated between 60-80 feet, to remove the wrecked car from the scene.

Authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident and are calling on witnesses or others with pertinent information to come forward to aid in their inquiry.

Information provided in this report is collected from secondary sources and has not been independently verified. If anyone has first-hand knowledge or notices discrepancies in this account, they are encouraged to reach out to Local Accident Reports to ensure the report’s accuracy or request its removal.

This news report is distributed to keep the public informed and promote safety on the roads. The details presented are in no way intended to represent actual accident scenes.

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Source: Local Accident Reports