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Hijacked Bus in Downtown LA Causes Multiple Collisions Before Crashing into Hotel

In a disturbing late-night incident in downtown Los Angeles, a chaotic bus hijacking resulted in a series of collisions and extensive property damage. At approximately 11:10 p.m. on Wednesday, an individual boarded an empty Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority bus and coerced the driver into compliance by threatening with what appeared to be a firearm.

Authorities reported that the assailant had instructed the driver to “Just drive!” while feigning possession of a gun. In a desperate act, the hijacker took control of the steering wheel as the driver was maneuvering a turn. This abrupt takeover led to the bus hitting multiple vehicles, inflicting injuries on at least one motorist, and ultimately crashing into the wall of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, creating a substantial breach.

Following the hijacking and crashes, the perpetrator fled the scene but was swiftly apprehended by officers. Arrested and jailed on kidnapping suspicions, the suspect’s charges were compounded by the recovery of a BB gun near the crashed bus, which closely resembled a real handgun.

The bus driver sustained injuries necessitating medical attention; however, they were released from the hospital after treatment. The motorist injured in the crash was reported to be in stable condition. Names of those involved have not been disclosed by police at this time.

Source: Bowling Green Daily News