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Five Injured in North Hills Multi-Car Rollover Accident

In North Hills, Los Angeles, emergency response teams were dispatched to a major traffic accident involving four vehicles, one of which ended up overturned, causing significant disruptions and resulting in multiple injuries. The incident occurred at the intersection of 17000 W Lassen St, with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) arriving at the scene around 07:31 p.m. yesterday.

The LAFD reported that five individuals were injured in the crash, with responders rushing them to nearby hospitals. Among the injured, two were in serious condition, while the remaining three sustained injuries described as fair. Specific information regarding the identities or detailed conditions of the victims has been withheld pending further updates.

Multiple units, including those from Fire Station 87, Battalion 15, and Valley Bureau, responded rapidly to the scene, providing essential rescue efforts and medical care. These first responders played critical roles in managing the situation and preventing further casualties.

As the extensive inquiry into the collision’s cause persists, local authorities, particularly in Council District 12 where the accident occurred, remain vigilant. The LAFD has been active in communicating the progress of the situation and has highlighted the swift transportation of victims to medical facilities. Following the incident, traffic on W Lassen St experienced major delays and temporary closures to facilitate cleanup operations and allow investigators to thoroughly examine the area.

Source: Hoodline