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Eagle Rock Pedestrian Fatality: Man Struck and Killed on 2 Freeway

EAGLE ROCK, CA — Tragedy struck on the evening of June 13, 2024, when 57-year-old pedestrian Servando Velazquez Arias was killed in a hit-and-run incident on the 2 Freeway in Eagle Rock, authorities reported.

The California Highway Patrol disclosed that the fatality occurred around 10:15 p.m. south of Colorado Boulevard. It was reported that an unidentified driver struck Arias and subsequently fled the scene without providing aid or alerting authorities. Officials are actively investigating the accident and seeking information that will lead to the apprehension of the driver involved.

At this time, further details surrounding the collision are currently under investigation, and no additional information has been released.

The repercussions of leaving the scene of an accident can be severe, including criminal charges. Moreover, the bereaved family may be entitled to take legal action against the driver once they are located. According to California law, it is the obligation of the driver to stop at the accident scene and notify the relevant law enforcement agencies immediately.

Statistics and recommendations from AAA suggest that hit-and-run accidents can frequently be prevented. Drivers should remain vigilant of their surroundings, be prepared to yield to pedestrians even when they are not in a marked crosswalk, and maintain a safe distance when passing cyclists on the road.

Source: The Legal Advocate