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“California Bus Accident Claims Lives of At Least Eight Individuals”

Car accident in Los Angeles

In a tragic event on Sunday evening, a catastrophic collision claimed the lives of at least eight individuals, with the death toll expected to rise following a horrific bus crash near Yucaipa, California. The crash resulted in over three dozen individuals sustaining injuries, and the disaster area was consumed with chaos as a passenger bus lost control on a mountain road, leading to a calamitous multi-vehicle accident.

According to California Highway Patrol spokesperson Mario Lopez, the accident occurred approximately 80 miles east of Los Angeles on State Route 38 at around 6:30 p.m. The bus, which was en route back to Tijuana, Mexico, experienced a loss of control, rear-ended a Saturn sedan, and subsequently struck a Ford pickup truck. The severity of injuries among the car’s occupants was unclear, but this incident contributed to the substantial wreckage and debris which covered the roadway.

Lopez remarked that speed appears to have played a role in the accident, noting that authorities are investigating whether mechanical failure or driver error were contributory factors. The bus driver, who survived, reported encountering brake problems while descending the mountain.

The collision scene was described as harrowing by Michelle Profant, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation, who mentioned the presence of body parts among the wreckage, highlighting the appalling nature of the incident.

Source: Statesboro Herald