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Barry Weiss Hospitalized with Severe Chest Injuries Following Motorcycle Accident

Car accident in Los Angeles

Former television personality Barry Weiss has been hospitalized following a serious motorcycle collision in the Los Feliz neighborhood of California. The incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday when Weiss and a companion struck the back of a car that was exiting a parking space.

Emergency services responded promptly to the scene, where both individuals sustained injuries. Weiss was subsequently admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a nearby hospital. Current reports indicate that he is in stable condition but has experienced several fractures as well as internal injuries.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not released further information regarding the specific circumstances of the accident. Representatives from A&E, the network that aired the show featuring Weiss, have not provided a statement when asked for comment.

In the aftermath, the second rider involved in the crash conveyed the gravity of the situation through social media, showing his own injuries which included a broken knee, elbow, and wrist. He emphasized that Weiss’ condition was more severe, highlighting significant chest and leg trauma and asked for thoughts and prayers for his recovery.

Witnesses at the scene captured the immediate moments following the collision, highlighting the parked vehicle’s role in the abrupt halt of the riders’ path.

Barry Weiss gained fame on the popular reality series “Storage Wars,” appearing from seasons one through four, and later in the spinoff “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back.

Source: Yahoo Singapore News