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Car accidents involving major players like Amazon Logistics and SDK Logistics can be complex. In this guide, we will explain important steps and information to help you deal with the aftermath of a car accident involving these big logistics companies. We will also talk about the different types of vehicles used by Amazon Logistics, such as delivery sprinter vans, Prime semi-trucks, and Flex cars used by delivery drivers. Furthermore, we will discuss the various ways drivers can be legally responsible for a collision, including special consideration for Amazon Flex drivers and incidents involving Prime semi-trucks or delivery vans.

Understanding Amazon Logistics and SDK Logistics:

1. Amazon Logistics delivers packages for the final leg of the journey. SDK Logistics is a third-party company that handles transportation and distribution.

2. Types of Amazon Vehicles in Accidents: Accidents can involve Amazon delivery sprinter vans, Prime semi-trucks, and Flex cars driven by individual drivers.

3. How Drivers can be Responsible for Collisions: When a collision happens, drivers, including those driving Amazon vehicles, can be legally responsible in different ways:

A: Negligence:

If a driver fails to exercise reasonable care on the road, leading to an accident, they may be held liable for negligence. This can include actions like speeding, distracted driving, or disregarding traffic signals. 

 B: Reckless Driving:

Reckless driving involves willful disregard for the safety of others. Aggressive driving behaviors, such as excessive speeding or aggressive lane changes, fall under this category and can result in legal consequences.

C: Driving Under the Influence (DUI):

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense. If a driver is found to be impaired at the time of the accident, they can be held legally responsible for the collision. 

D: Violating Traffic Laws:

Failing to obey traffic laws, such as running red lights or stop signs, can contribute to an accident. Violations of these laws may establish liability for the driver at fault. 

E: Fatigue and Drowsy Driving:

If a driver operates a vehicle while fatigued and cases and accident, they may be held responsible for. This can be particularly relevant for long-haul truck drivers, such as those operating Amazon Prime semi-trucks. 

4. Specific Considerations for Amazon Flex Drivers and Prime Semi-Truck or Delivery Vans:

a. Amazon Flex Drivers:

  • Liability: Both the individual driver and Amazon can be held liable for accidents involving Amazon Flex drivers.

b. Amazon Prime Semi-Truck or Delivery Vans:

  • Liability: In cases involving Amazon Prime semi-trucks or delivery vans, liability extends to the driver, Amazon itself, and the third-party shipping company indicated in the accident report. 

5. Important Initial Actions After a Car Accident with an Amazon Driver: Filing an insurance claim after an accident involving an Amazon driver can go smoother if you take the following steps:

a. Report the Accident to Law Enforcement:

  • Ensure the officer completes an SR-1, also known as the accident report, indicating fault and the insurance provider for the at-fault driver.

b. Documents the Accident Scene:

  • Take detailed photos of both cars and the damage sustained. Save any dashcam footage if available.

c. Gather Driver’s Information:

  • Collect the driver’s insurance information and clarify whether they were on or off duty with Amazon at the time of the wreck. 

d. Collect Witness Information:

  • Gather contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident. 

e. Seek Medical Attention:

  • If needed, seek immediate medical attention.

f. Keep Records:

  • Retain all records associated with the accident, including the accident report and relevant medical bills.


To understand how drivers can be legally responsible for a collision in California, and what to do after an accident with an Amazon driver, is important for dealing with the aftermath within the states law. If you’ve had an incident with Amazon Logistics or SDK Logistics in California, it’s crucial to get legal help from Kash Legal Group. We can protect your rights and help you seek fair compensation for injuries and damages in California.

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