AdobeStock_40458003_WMIt is difficult to endure some of the painful falls from a slip on a dangerous surface. Disc injuries and other injuries can last a lifetime, and that good feeling of physical wellbeing that once was there is gone forever as well. Using a hand to break a fall is often devastating also, as it causes injuries to the intricate joints in the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Sometimes, things will never be the same after a fall, now matter what the cause and result. Going back is not possible, yet there is hope to recover and heal, as well as be compensated for personal injury and loss from a bad slip and fall on a dangerous surface, on public or private property.

How does the victim know whether the property owners are responsible for the conditions that led up to the accident? Most often, the victims will not be able to determine this important fact on their own. Instead, it is most advantageous to seek out help in this endeavor from someone who had a great deal of training and expertise in the area of slip and fall accidents.

Many people who slip and fall do not consider that this is a normal part of life, and instead attempt to mitigate feelings of embarrassment and attempt to dismiss the event in order to save face or to avoid being laughed at. Avoiding the immediate reality of a possible serious injury is not a good path to take. Instead, it is best for someone who has fallen to immediately seek medical evaluation and then seek the assistance of a well-trained legal expert in the realm of slip and fall accidents. It is also important to know that sometimes it is not the property owner’s fault that someone falls on drain covers, grates or staircases. Drainage grates and covers serve a useful purpose, as do staircases, so owners of these properties may not be at fault, particularly if they are in good repair. However, if there is any doubt about who is to blame for a personal injury to due to slipping and falling, the victim should consult a personal injury attorney who can gather the facts of the case. Finding out whether the property owner was keeping the property in good repair, or whether or not the victim was taking personal responsibility for looking where he or she was going, is why it is best to have a member of Kash Legal Group follow up on the facts.

It is wise to have a clean and safe facility or place of business. However, keeping those areas safe for foot traffic is necessary to ensure the safety of the people who use it. Still, there is legal expertise available to successfully secure compensation for personal loss and injury. Call our office for a free consultation at (310) 272-7157. We can be of great assistance in these situations. If you have Internet service, you can also visit our web site at to find out more.